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Hotel name. Location Stars Rates    Breakfast show only
Ao Prao Resort Koh Samet, Ao Prao Beach   1655 kr incl. recommend
Baan Ploy Sea Koh Samet, Ao Klang Beach   775 kr incl. recommend
Bann Pae Cabana Rayong, Duangtawan Beach   595 kr incl. recommend
Banpu Resort Koh Samet, Ao Loong Dam   439 kr incl.
Bar and Bed Resort Koh Samet, Noi Na Beach   879 kr incl. recommend
Beach Apartment Hat Mae Ramphueng Rayong, Mae Rumphung Beach   341 kr incl.
Bell House Koh Samet, Vongduen Beach   297 kr incl.
Brookside Valley Resort Rayong, Samnakthong District   362 kr incl. recommend
Centara Q Resort Rayong Rayong, Laem Mae Pim   437 kr incl. recommend
Classic Kameo Hotel Rayong Rayong Town   621 kr incl. recommend
D Varee Diva Central, Rayong Rayong Town   465 kr incl. recommend
Golden City Rayong Hotel Rayong Town   310 kr incl.
Grand Blue Resort & Beachclub Rayong, Laem Mae Pim   857 kr incl. recommend
Jelly Fish Bungalow Koh Samet, Ao Lung Dam   331 kr incl.
Kantary Bay Rayong Rayong Town   737 kr incl.
Koh Munnork Private Island Koh Munnork island   2453 kr incl. recommend
Lima Duva Resort Koh Samet, Saikaew Beach   1235 kr recommend
Malibu Garden Resort Koh Samet, Vongduen Beach   543 kr incl. recommend
Nice Beach Hotel Rayong, Mae Rumphung   269 kr incl. recommend
Play Phala Beach Rayong Rayong, Phala Beach   491 kr incl.
Rayong Chalet Hotel And Resort Rayong, Klaeng   569 kr incl.
Rayong Resort Rayong, Laem Tarn   613 kr incl. recommend
Romruen Samed Resort Koh Samet, Saikaew Beach   672 kr recommend
Ruen Thai Rim Haad Rayong, Duangtawan Beach   310 kr recommend
Samed Cabana Resort Koh Samet, Vongduen Beach   1551 kr incl. recommend
Samed Cliff Resort Koh Samet, Noi Na Beach   672 kr incl.
Samed Grandview Resort Koh Samet, Saikaew Beach   982 kr incl. recommend
Samed Pavilion Resort Koh Samet, Ao Phai Beach   721 kr incl. recommend
Sidewalk Boutique Hotel Koh Samet   277 kr incl.
Sinsiam Resort Rayong, Laem Mae Pim   259 kr incl.
Star 3 Residence Rayong Town   194 kr incl. recommend
Star Convention Hotel (Formerly Star Hotel) Rayong Town   384 kr incl. recommend
Suchanan Hotel and Spa Rayong, Ban Chang   259 kr incl.
Tamnanpar Classic Resort & Restaurant Rayong, Baan Pae   646 kr incl.
The C Samet Beach Resort Koh Samet, Vongduen Beach   1086 kr recommend
The Oriental Beach Resort Rayong, Klaeng   623 kr incl. recommend
The Oriental Tropical Beach Rayong, Mae Rumphung   385 kr recommend
The Park Adventure Land Resort Rayong   543 kr incl. recommend
Vongdeuan Resort Koh Samet, Vongduen Beach   608 kr incl. recommend
Wisdom Hotel & Residence Rayong Town   0 kr incl.
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